Who we are and what we do.

Our mission

The Harry Matthews Bowel Transplant Trust has been set up primarily to support children who are listed for small bowel transplantation and their families.

An inspirational team of medics provided outstanding care for our son but we have experienced first-hand the difficulties faced whilst caring for a child post- transplant.

If we can alleviate the financial burden caused by frequent follow-up admissions to specialist units, this can only have a positive and beneficial impact on the child’s recovery.

Any donation, however small, may enable a family member to visit their child in hospital or help towards food and living costs.

Parents can request support via a grant application following assessment by a family liaison officer or paediatric transplant co-ordinator.

This charity has been set up in memory of our son Harry, who passed away in April 2011.

We hope the Trust will prove to be a fitting legacy, improving the lives of other bowel transplant recipients and their families.

How To Help

Make A Donation

Any donation, however small, may enable a family member to visit their child in hospital or help towards food and living costs.

Donate via paypal safely and securely on our website or via our page on the JustGiving website.

By post – cheques made payable to The Harry Matthews Bowel Transplant Trust and send to:

The Harry Matthews Bowel Transplant Trust, PO Box 4, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN3 3NN.


If you're thinking of running a sponsored event and want to support HMBTT, please email us and we will post or email copies of our sponsorship form to you.

Marathons, fun runs, sports days, garden parties, galas, pub quizzes, yard sales, cake sales, the list is endless!

If you would like to organise a fundraising event for us, we would love to hear from you!

Regular Payments

There are several ways to set up regular payments:

Standing order – Please email us if you would like to set up a standing order to make regular monthly payments to the charity.

Remember HMBTT in your will – contact your solicitor about how you can make a gift to us in your will.

Give in memory – Please email us if you would like to make a gift in memory of a loved one.

Your Stories

If you are a family affected by bowel transplant, or your child is a patient of the paediatric intestinal transplant centre at King’s College London or Birmingham Children’s Hospitals we are always looking to share stories with our website users.

We would really like to hear your story. It is only by hearing your experiences can people begin to understand why our charity exists to help you and why, in turn, they would be happy to donate to us.

Our Patrons

Dr Jonathan Hind

Consultant Paediatric Hepatology and Intestinal Transplantation, King's College Hospital

 Charities such as The Harry Matthews Bowel Transplant Trust are vital to help us build a better future for patients and families. The financial support they have given to parents of children undergoing transplantation has been so important and we hope this will continue. Further important work would be to fund research projects to improve medical problems, to sponsor meetings so that experts can share their work, to lobby for better services for families, and perhaps to provide a support network for those families.

Ms Carly Bambridge

Clinical Nurse Specialist- Paediatric Intestinal transplant, King's College Hospital

 We are thrilled to learn of this wonderful charity which we are sure will help keep Harry's memory alive forever. Families with children undergoing small bowel transplant require a range of support. To date there is no charity to specifically support these children and their families. We believe that the money raised in this way will help benefit families both financially and emotionally. Funding towards a range of resources for the transplant unit, will also enhance the quality of care we can deliver. We are honoured to be involved with this fantastic trust.

Our Fundraisers

Hannah Collins

 Hiya everyone, my name's Hannah and I work as a Children's Nurse on Critical Care at the Children's Hospital in Sheffield. I had the privilege of being a Respite Carer for Harry and now try to help fundraising for HMBTT. Harry was such an amazing young man with wonderful parents and very cute little sister! It is a real honour to be involved within Harry's charity and to be friends with Catherine, Adrian, Evie and Dave the Cat. I enjoy my job very much but when not at work I LOVE spending time with my family and friends x x x

Cara Wilson

 Hi, my name's Cara and I'm very proud to help raise awareness for HMBTT. I've known Catherine and Adrian for many years and was extremely overjoyed at Harry's arrival. I am very blessed to have happy memories of such a fantastic and brave little boy, who throughout his fight to stay well ( and showed his doctors a thing or two!!) Harry never grumbled and taught me a lot too. I'm based in Ipswich and want to help such a great charity as much as possible. I am so proud of Catherine, Adrian, Evie and the HMBTT team for doing such a great job.

Our Trustees

Catherine Matthews

Faye Marshall

Chris Bruce

Suzanne Chapman